Saturday, 21 July 2012


Untitled #10

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1 Mini Roller Hat
Love love love. Classic, sophisticated piece of headgear. I chose the khaki green by mistake, but I actually prefer it to the black, it's a bit subtler and goes nicely with any hair colour.

2 Lionhead Lace Top by Sister Jane
A good all rounder. Another one of these chain linked collar shirts, I'm sorry! I just love them, there's something about the look that I can't get away from. I'm sure there will be cheaper alternatives arriving on the market soon enough, £52.00 is a hefty sum.

3 Thin Spike Stretch
Rose gold and spikes, what more could I want?! This bracelet is very 'me' and it's very high up on my to-buy list. All I'm concerned about are the spikes catching or stabbing me.

4 Spike Chain Drape Ring Set
These have been very popular lately, I like this particular one as the rings aren't attached to each other so you can separate your fingers. The rings that are joined make me feel so restricted.

5 MAYBE Patent T-Bar Shoes
These shoes are SO sweet! They remind me of a pair I used to own as a child. I love them, and they would go perfectly with a pair of white frilly ankle socks to complete the cutesy, girly look.

6 Ear Spike Chain Earrings
Do you sense a theme here? 

7 Red Ribbed Pleated Skirt
Red is my favourite colour and I think this just pulls the whole outfit together. A bright colour is great with monotones.

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