Wednesday, 18 July 2012


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I love high waisted trousers. They give a nice silhouette and go nicely with baggy tops. I would say the white isn't the best for those of us that are plus sized, maybe a black would be the better option. At £40.00 they make a good staple addition to any wardrobe, and they would definitely be used well.

Topshop shoes are not the most comfortable shoes I have ever bought, but I must say that the pale pink studded slippers have been a treat to walk in. I wouldn't hesitate to repurchase in another colour. £28.00 is ok but I have a feeling they will be on the christmas sale. I have my eyes on the red edition being my favourite colour, how could I pass?

When I saw this t-shirt the first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful print. It is so eye-catching and so luxurious. I love the cut of the t-shirt, as it looks great tucked in or on show. I definitely favour the baggy tops as they hide all the lumps and bumps that you don't particularly want on show. Coming in at £22.00 it is a bit much for a t-shirt but I might have to splash out.

The leather jacket seems to be a staple item in may peoples wardrobes, and they always seem to add an extra something to a simple outfit. I particularly like this jacket because of the studs (can you tell I like that trend?) and I feel I could make good use of this item. £65.00 isn't too bad for a leather jacket.

These 3 bracelets are so charming and add small details to an outfit if you're struggling with what to add. I don't usually wear bracelets apart from my leeds festival band and a friendship bracelet. I am a sucker for cute little accessories and little inspirational messages so this is perfect. Costing £10.00 I think I'll wait to the sales.

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