Thursday, 18 December 2014

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

There's something wonderful about Autumn, and although we are firmly into the winter months, I can't help but crave the colours and crunchy leaves. The promise of cosy nights yet crisp days. Bonfires and fireworks are lit while we tuck into toffee apples and a nice cup of something warm, my preference is a flat white. 
This past year seems to have disappeared in the blink of an eye. I entered 2014 with excitement about university which was quickly dashed when I didn't get in to my university of choice and a gap year seemed like defeat. Yet here I am, working to travel, working to fill time, working to gain experience. I've only just sent my third application to UCAS and I'm praying that it's enough for me to get into my dream uni. Third time's a charm so they say.
Christmas will soon be upon the world, yet all I can wish for is that my stubbornness and determination to get to where I want to be has paid off. 

Fingers crossed,

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A very happy unbirthday to me

This past week (5th - 10th of August) I spent an extremely last minute holiday in the beautiful city of Paris. As tradition, my mother and I had to spend some of that time in the magical place that is Disneyland Paris. I've been to DisneyWorld in Florida and nothing compares. But I am still entirely so happy about being at Disneyland Paris, it's like a safe place where my childhood spirit is encapsulated and shared with the rest of the world. This time we only spent one of the 4 days we had in Paris (not including travelling days) in Disneyland but it was still so lovely and I enjoyed it all the same.

paris 01_effected

paris 02_effected

paris 04_effected

paris 05_effected

paris 06_effected

paris 07_effected

paris 08_effected

paris 10_effected

paris 11_effected

In Disneyland, there are different areas to the park; Main Street USA, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Adventureland, and Discoveryland. We took the train to Fantasyland, the cutest little fairytale-esque town that is surrounded by different shades of pastel. As with everything in Disney, there are queues, so we decided, seeing as we only had one day, to do the rides that we really couldn't leave without going on.

paris 13_effected

paris 14_effected

paris 16_effected

My mum's first choice for the rides was 'it's a small world' - a ride which I could do without but nonetheless I wanted to please my mum as we went around the little ride in a boat to the chorus of the song that goes with the ride.

paris 17_effected

paris 18_effected

paris 19_effected

paris 20_effected

paris 22_effected

Walking around we found a lady selling candy floss so obviously we had to get one (what diet?). As you can see, it was huuuuge, but so delicious and probably a one time thing.

paris 23_effected

paris 25_effected

My favourite type of rides are the thrill rides, so Space Mountain, Indiana Jones and the temple of doom, and Big Thunder Mountain were at the top of my list.

paris 24_effected

paris 26 + 27

paris 29_effected

paris 30_effected

We stayed until shutting for the beautiful firework and light show that was going on for the extended 20th anniversary party. Among the crowds, some cast members were walking around with a trolley filled with the light ears that synchronised with the display but at 20 something euros each it wasn't an expense that I was willing to fork out.

paris 31_effected

paris 32_effected

All in all we had a magical stay and the beautiful light show that went on was simply the perfect end to a great day.

The perfect soundtrack to a wonderful day.

Nat xx

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


One of my favourite things to do recently is to get a disposable camera and take it with me to interesting places. It reminds me of my childhood and the effect that comes out is really cool. I love that you don't know what you've taken until you get the film developed, kinda like a surprise.

These are a few snaps from my most recent trip to London where I took a disposable camera, also I took a few random shots after I came back. So yeah this summer has kinda been a bit weird as I've just returned from a week long spur of the moment trip to Paris, where I sight-saw, disney'd to my heart's content and shopped 'til I had no money left. Whoops.


LDN SCAN 1 1 - Version 2 LDN SCAN 2 - Version 2



dinner at the diner in Carnaby Street


Elephant sculptures at Kings Cross Station



A few of the flowers in my garden

flowers - Version 2


flowers 1

I hope you liked looking at these photos too maybe it's a little different from the norm but I like the diversity and freedom that having your own independent blog allows you to have.

My favourite song of the moment

How's your summer been?
Nat xx

Friday, 19 July 2013

something a little different.

Firstly I wanted to apologise for not posting anything interesting in the last few weeks. I've been feeling completely uninspired and devoid of all creativity at the moment which isn't like me at all, I think it's all related to finishing school completely and feeling like I'm in the middle ground just waiting for college to start which is draining me of that creative spark that pushed me not only to blog but also to make art.

The weekend of the 12th of July I went down to London to go to the British Summer Time festival at Hyde Park which was definitely one of the highlights of my life so far; The Rolling Stones, Jennifer Lopez, and Lionel Richie, I mean c'mon, who wouldn't have a good time, even if it would just be for the amazing fresh coconuts and buzzing atmosphere.
 Whilst I was down I went to the Saatchi Gallery which is definitely one of my favourite galleries alongside The Pompidou in Paris. I saw an installation that I remember seeing as a child; a tank filled with oil creating the perfect reflection of the room. I have the memory of being scared that I was going to drop my stuffed toy in the oil and never get it back when I was younger. Also gallery-related, I went to the National Gallery, which houses some of the great classical artists such as Van Gogh and Degas. Traditional fine art is not necessarily the type of art that interests me and inspires me but I appreciate the historical aspect rather than the technique itself, as I think the techniques are a little outdated to be making a statement on today's society, whereas contemporary art is current, and is more of a social commentary on topics that are relevant to the current day.

So pretty much as soon as I got back my beautiful cousin came to stay, and we went to the Craze clothing launch party in Leeds which was a lot of fun, I loved seeing the new individual designs from up and coming designers. The next day was her last day with us so I took her shopping to trinity and we ate lunch and had cocktails on the rooftop terrace at the alchemist, which if you haven't been, is just so very beautiful and the cocktail menu is to die for, I want to try everything.

I feel so very Sex and The City, a fashion show and lunchtime cocktails, so, naturally, I've started to watch the series again. Such a good programme. Anyway, not much lays in wait for me the next couple of weeks apart from saving my money and lazing around at home. I'll finish off this text-heavy post by bidding you a good summer.

Lots of love, 
Nat xxx

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Confidence in a bag - Summer



Nars Bronzer in Laguna
Revlon BB Cream
Clarins Summer Bronzing Compact 
Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot mattifying powder
Soap and Glory Peach Party blush and highlight

Yes, two bronzers. One is more contour colour (laguna) and the other is to add warmth to my usually pale complexion, which is ok in the winter but in summer I look completely out of place. I've recently added the last 3 products to my makeup bag for want of trying them out and finding that they work well with my skin.



Seventeen Brow Sculpting pencil
Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping waterproof mascara
Soap and Glory The Daily Double in Velvet Pink and Brownie
Benefit's They're Real! Mascara

Again with the double products, surely I'm not the only one that puts on two different mascaras. I usually use the revlon one first followed by a coat of They're Real. I love this soap and glory shadow stick, I've been really impressed with their makeup line bar their mascara. 


Real Techniques Blush Brush
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Not much to talk about that hasn't already been said about these brushes, if you don't own them, why the heck not?!



Still looking pale in the bottom pic *sigh* 

Out of all the products that I use to create my daily makeup look I would definitely recommend the Clarins bronzer, so pretty and rather large so it'll last you a long time :)

Hope you're having a good summer,
Nat xxx

Saturday, 8 June 2013

When the sun comes out...












In the UK, the sun has been shining full force, or as much force as it can have in England... So naturally everyone runs to the nearest patch of sun they can find and soak it all up (unless you're pale like me, add on slapping on SPF 50 to that sentence). My mum and I decided to go to the beach with woofie a.k.a Lola, and being in North Yorkshire, we decided to go to Saltburn Pier as we've been to Scarborough and Whitby so many times before. It was really cute to see a pier, I always imagine them to be in America not in the UK, imagine the realisation of my stupidity when I remembered that there are actually many piers in England...
After Saltburn, we clambered in the car and drove up and down the coast to find somewhere less windy, which turned out to be Sandsend, a gorgeous little seafront village where we had some fish 'n chips (oh so healthy) and a bit of a paddle in the shore. 




All in all, it was a really cute day and I recommend a day at the beach to anyone who needs a bit of an escape.
Oh and in other news I've finished my exams yay! Time for relaxing in a beer garden somewhere (more like sitting in my pj's inside my room).

How've you all been?
Nat xxx