Friday, 19 July 2013

something a little different.

Firstly I wanted to apologise for not posting anything interesting in the last few weeks. I've been feeling completely uninspired and devoid of all creativity at the moment which isn't like me at all, I think it's all related to finishing school completely and feeling like I'm in the middle ground just waiting for college to start which is draining me of that creative spark that pushed me not only to blog but also to make art.

The weekend of the 12th of July I went down to London to go to the British Summer Time festival at Hyde Park which was definitely one of the highlights of my life so far; The Rolling Stones, Jennifer Lopez, and Lionel Richie, I mean c'mon, who wouldn't have a good time, even if it would just be for the amazing fresh coconuts and buzzing atmosphere.
 Whilst I was down I went to the Saatchi Gallery which is definitely one of my favourite galleries alongside The Pompidou in Paris. I saw an installation that I remember seeing as a child; a tank filled with oil creating the perfect reflection of the room. I have the memory of being scared that I was going to drop my stuffed toy in the oil and never get it back when I was younger. Also gallery-related, I went to the National Gallery, which houses some of the great classical artists such as Van Gogh and Degas. Traditional fine art is not necessarily the type of art that interests me and inspires me but I appreciate the historical aspect rather than the technique itself, as I think the techniques are a little outdated to be making a statement on today's society, whereas contemporary art is current, and is more of a social commentary on topics that are relevant to the current day.

So pretty much as soon as I got back my beautiful cousin came to stay, and we went to the Craze clothing launch party in Leeds which was a lot of fun, I loved seeing the new individual designs from up and coming designers. The next day was her last day with us so I took her shopping to trinity and we ate lunch and had cocktails on the rooftop terrace at the alchemist, which if you haven't been, is just so very beautiful and the cocktail menu is to die for, I want to try everything.

I feel so very Sex and The City, a fashion show and lunchtime cocktails, so, naturally, I've started to watch the series again. Such a good programme. Anyway, not much lays in wait for me the next couple of weeks apart from saving my money and lazing around at home. I'll finish off this text-heavy post by bidding you a good summer.

Lots of love, 
Nat xxx

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