Saturday, 15 December 2012

A Day in York

red hat 1_effected

All black with colour only on my hat.
Black Converse-like shoes - Sainsburys
Black Bodycon Skirt - New Look (a long time ago)
Leather Jacket - Primark
Faux Fur Stole - H&M
Black fringe bag - H&M (a long long time ago)
Red Beanie - Primark
Necklace - Topshop
Black Knit Jumper - H&M

red hat 2_effected

red hat 3_effected

RED HAT 4_effected

the beautiful cathedral

RED HAT 5_effected

A cute carousel from the christmas market.

RED HAT 6_effected

RED HAT 7_effected

Fake snow in the street! :D

RED HAT 8_effected

York is lovely and I love that it's a short train ride away as I can enjoy the city life without living in the city. I've never really appreciated York in it's greatness until now, it was always Leeds that I took a liking to, and thought that York was full of old people and it was dead. It's taken a few days out with my mum to really love the antiquity of York, it's kitsch streets that meander around the centre, and the beautiful vistas that pop up in the midst of shopping. I'm disappointed with the severe lack of snow that has fallen in England, where did the christmas spirit go? :(

Have you ever been to York?


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Winter Sun

In the effort to keep up an interesting and creative blog, I've decided that I need continuity. While the idea of blogging every two days is very enticing, I don't think I'd be able to keep up with all my work and everything else that happens in my life. So, being the student that I am, I've decided that Sunday is the best day for me to set a time where I sit down and write something that you hopefully enjoy reading. To keep with the theme of continuity, I have also taken it upon myself to take a photo of something interesting and post it right here, every week. Today just so happens to be a Sunday but this just means that there will be TWO posts coming to you every week! Hooray!

Being interested in photography, I strive to capture images that you wouldn't usually think of photographing and turning into something beautiful.
Every day for the past 5 years, my dog has been obsessed with sitting on my window sill staring out to all the passers-by, although there is a certain lack of those in our area, and she loves to soak up the sun that comes through and warms her up. It was particularly beautiful yesterday as it is winter and the sun is a low sun so it shines through the window.
I managed to snap a few shots of her and I hope you like the outcome, I also hope that you like this type of post!



Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this, and let me know if you enjoy more 'photography' posts alongside the fashion etc posts.

Nat x

Sunday, 25 November 2012

live those days tonight

blue skirt 1 edited_effected

blue skirt 3 edited_effected

blue skirt 4 edited_effected

blue skirt 2_effected
Photos taken by Emily

Faux Fur Collar - £12.99

Leather Jacket - £19.99

Blue Skirt - £20.00
Topshop Sale

Shirt - £16 (?)

Starting off with excuses and apologies, I've been really busy with school work among other things that have distracted me from being a good blogger (sorry :( ).
This collar is really popular among the blog community, I love it, I've been wearing it constantly at school and receive so many compliments on it. I paired it with the trusty leather jacket that I have been wearing in most of my posts, but with winter on the way I'm sure it'll be switching up. I really like this shirt and I can't believe it's from Asda! The collar tips came with the shirt and I am definitely a person for collar tips :)
The print is really cute and I think it's a nice twist on the classic white shirt. 
The skirt was such a good find although I had many problems trying to buy it. Not impressed with Topshop recently to be honest, I've had many issues the past few times.

Anyway so I've now started my final piece and I feel so much better now that it's started and going. I'm making two, one at school which is a flat piece and a sculpture at home which I wanted to do before but I didn't think I had enough time. The flat piece is a 'just incase' thing.

Have you had a good week?

Nat x

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Viva la fiesta




Lipstick: 107 Kate Moss Matte for Rimmel London | £5.49
Hair Jewelry H&M | (nearest product)

A friend of mine turned 18 and she hosted her big do at a golf club. After much deliberation and a pep talk from Em, I decided to go. This post basically consists of my makeup and hair, because I didn't manage to catch a picture of my outfit fully. I wore a mixture of two Kate Moss lipsticks, the first in 107, the signature red that has been floating around the blog and youtube world, and the other in 04 from her first range which is an almost black purple colour. I looooove 04 but it is so hard to pull off, especially since it's so creamy that it usually ends up on my teeth or smeared across my face!

The bottom was taken at the party and I was with two of the girls from my school, how cute are they?! But anyway, I just wanted to say that I love the Kate Moss collection and will be repurchasing both shades when necessary.

Hope you had a good half term,
Happy Blogging!
Nat x

instaweek #1 29/10/12 - 4/11/12

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Kate Moss 107 // My new laptop wallpaper which I love // The coolest eggs (I was bored)
54ee345c250511e299b1123138151070_7 6f89ba62246911e2bed91231381f2878_7 495ca56c245411e2bf2722000a1fbc66_7
A hot water bottle and a cup of tea, what more could you want? // Photos I printed for my door // How can I resist that face?
1fb41a1c244811e2877022000a9f1278_7 31f8064e237011e2af1622000a1fb845_7 a0de4580234a11e2ba8122000a1fc2ee_7
Decided to top-knot it // nails inc in Motcomb Street from Glamour Mag // A picture of me looking 'awesome' in Salamanca
6825ec0c229111e2b1281231381d4448_7 477c3dee229111e2873222000a1f9e77_7 382a58c41fc311e2901022000a9e13ab_7
Some cool prints that my Grandma has at her house // I love Autumn

I love instagram so much, it's such a good way to share photos that you wouldn't normally feel the need or desire to put on Facebook, and yet people don't have a huff at you when you post something entirely ridiculous. Having used it for over a year, it's almost second nature to me now yet I still feel embarrassed - like I'm the stereotypical teenager - when I instagram something.
The speculation used to be that instagram was for 'hipsters' but now that most people have it, I think that stereotype has died down.
If you like my blog, and like my pictures, feel free to go and check out my instagram HERE and I'll be sure to follow you back.
Hope you have a good week,
Lots of Love,
Nat x 

Monday, 29 October 2012

A Nice Meal

For my grandpa's 82nd birthday, my family went for a meal out. We all had a really nice time, and as it was a Sunday, the Chinese restaurant at The Turkish Baths had a buffet and I was full to the brim from starters. I ate all types of things including my favourite sesame prawn toast. The beautiful setting of the Royal Baths makes you feel like you're in an extremely luxurious place (which is true).

I think Cantonese and Chinese must be one of my favourite treats, but on a regular basis it can be a bit much. 
What is your favourite type of food to eat out?

Lots of love,
Nat x

Saturday, 27 October 2012

A bit of a chat

Winter is just around the corner, and as autumn is firmly in our sight, it's time to wrap up warm and whip out the hot drinks. There is no particular purpose to this post, I just wanted to talk about how it's less than 2 months till christmas whaaat?!
We're just starting october half term, and this year, being my final year in high school, is all about 'lasts'... last october half term, last parent's evening, etc, well I'm hoping that it is actually my final year and I don't have to repeat anything :s
Next year I'll hopefully be heading to art college to do a foundation degree, then in 2014 off to university. I can't tell you how excited I am to start doing art all day every day, I've been looking forward to this from the beginning of year 12.
So in preparation for college, I am starting to do extra art work, I need to work on my presentation skills, my sketch book is so extremely boring and I want to make it more unique but I don't know what to do that will make it stand out without looking fabricated. Oh the problems of an art student...

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely season and get all that you're hoping for.
Lots of love,
Nat x

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Spanish Speakers Welcome.

I just wanted to take the time to talk about a specific youtuber. She goes by the name of Yuya and does speedy tutorials completely in spanish, which is great for me.
Watching some of her videos, I immediately fell in love with her character, she is so bubbly and vivacious. Even for someone who has spoken spanish as a second language, I found some words difficult to understand but I think that's part of her charm.
Even if you can't speak in spanish, her tutorials are still worth watching because she comes up with unique ideas that you don't see any of the british/US youtubers doing.
Have fun,
Nat x

Monday, 22 October 2012

I cannot contain my excitement

TODAY IS THE DAY! The 22nd of October, the day that Taylor Swift has released her new album, Red. She is kind of my guilty pleasure, and I have been looking forward to this ever since she announced that she was making her new album. 
To show my support (I guess you could say) I wore red nails, red lips and a red scarf to sixth form today.
Red is actually my favourite colour and I wear it so often that I didn't look too odd haha!
I haven't heard any of the new songs yet apart from We are never ever getting back together, and I am so excited to hear her new songs. Due to shortage of the dollar I can't get it yet :( But it can wait until I've saved.
Are you a Taylor Swift fan? If so, what's your favourite song of hers?
Nat x

Thursday, 18 October 2012

All Black Everything

So, one of the first outfits posts that Emily took of me (make sure to follow her here). We had so much fun on this 'shoot'. I started off with my hair tied up -a rare commodity- so I took it down. 
I love maxi skirts and even though I get a lot of odd looks from people at school, I don't care, the feeling maxi skirts give is much better than a mini skirt or trousers in my opinion.

Maxi Skirt - Zara 
I think it was £19.99 but I bought it a while ago

White Shirt - H&M

Earrings - Accessorize
£2.00 - last year's sale

Boots - Topshop
£32.00 with student discount

Leather Jacket - Primark
£19.99 (I think)

Black Knit Sweater - H&M
£19.99 (I think, sorry I always forget!)

Cross Necklace - Emily's

I think maxi's are perfect for the winter because you can wear tights underneath and a good pair of boots to bring it into the A/W season. A basic white shirt is perfect underneath a cosy knit jumper.
Hope you have a great week,

Lots of Love,
Nat x

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

That October Feeling

You've been at school for a month already, and everything becomes routine again. The leaves are an orangey yellow shade that crisp underneath your feet. Shoes are essential in this weather, and I find that a good ol' boot is something of a necessity. There are so many different varieties to choose from and finding something that doesn't make you look like a man is key - trust me, I've been there.

Starting off with Chelsea Boots
Chelsea boots

From the classic, to the more outgoing, these boots will transform your outfit and take it to the 'Mod' level. There are many different styles to suit everyone's body shape/ personal style/ outfit. If you're looking for comfort and coordination, go for the classic style, but if you are hesitant to give up your trusty creepers then opt for a flatform that will give you the same look as creepers with more warmth.

Next are hiking boots
hiking boots
Be careful with these, bigger feet tend not to suit them, but I'm sure you can find a way to change them up a bit and make them look less clunky. If clunky is your style then opt for a thick sole, the timberland boots are perfect for winter protection and that lumberjack style. 


For that classy 1920's look, go for a pair of these snazzy shoes. Probably not the best for warmth and protection but you'll be strutting your stuff and looking good while doing it. hahaha but seriously, they go great with anything, and you'll be able to wear them in the spring and possibly summer too! 

Let me know which style you like, and make sure you keep warm for the cold winter that's coming! 
Love, Nat x

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Exciting News

I have news for you guys, basically if you follow her already, you may have seen that Em and I are collaborating on a frequent basis. I will be taking photos of her for her outfit posts, and hopefully starting soon, she will do the same for me.
I love to take photographs and after hearing Emily's troubles of photo taking, I offered to take photographs for her.
Head on over to her fab blog here.
Thanks guys, 
Nat x

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Hello, I thought I'd do an outfit post today, haven't done one in a while.
So basically, I just wore something very simple but I think the red speaks for itself. The jumper is actually my mother's like most of the things in my wardrobe haha! I am actually wearing a skirt, be it a mini one, and that's from New Look from a looooong time ago.
New shoes, although they look very worn, from Topshop. My favourite shoes to wear at the moment, that's why they're so worn!

Anyway, it was very comfy and warm with the jumper on and sometimes simple is better.
Love, Nat x