Sunday, 25 November 2012

live those days tonight

blue skirt 1 edited_effected

blue skirt 3 edited_effected

blue skirt 4 edited_effected

blue skirt 2_effected
Photos taken by Emily

Faux Fur Collar - £12.99

Leather Jacket - £19.99

Blue Skirt - £20.00
Topshop Sale

Shirt - £16 (?)

Starting off with excuses and apologies, I've been really busy with school work among other things that have distracted me from being a good blogger (sorry :( ).
This collar is really popular among the blog community, I love it, I've been wearing it constantly at school and receive so many compliments on it. I paired it with the trusty leather jacket that I have been wearing in most of my posts, but with winter on the way I'm sure it'll be switching up. I really like this shirt and I can't believe it's from Asda! The collar tips came with the shirt and I am definitely a person for collar tips :)
The print is really cute and I think it's a nice twist on the classic white shirt. 
The skirt was such a good find although I had many problems trying to buy it. Not impressed with Topshop recently to be honest, I've had many issues the past few times.

Anyway so I've now started my final piece and I feel so much better now that it's started and going. I'm making two, one at school which is a flat piece and a sculpture at home which I wanted to do before but I didn't think I had enough time. The flat piece is a 'just incase' thing.

Have you had a good week?

Nat x


  1. Love this, that shirt is THE best thing! I'm doing art A level too, it'll be nice to know how you get on :)
    Frankie xx

  2. I really like your shirt, Looks like you would fit in nicely as the races (possibly because of the horses??) Hope you're good :)

    Much Love
    Liss <3

  3. Love the colour of this, and the collar is so cute xo

  4. I love this outfit. Can't believe the shirt was an ASDA find - what a great buy!

    Elise x

  5. I literally can't believe that shirt is from ASDA! Its so lovely! :)

    Aimée X

  6. That skirt is a really lovely colour! Suits you :)

  7. You look really great, love your shirt! <3