Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A very happy unbirthday to me

This past week (5th - 10th of August) I spent an extremely last minute holiday in the beautiful city of Paris. As tradition, my mother and I had to spend some of that time in the magical place that is Disneyland Paris. I've been to DisneyWorld in Florida and nothing compares. But I am still entirely so happy about being at Disneyland Paris, it's like a safe place where my childhood spirit is encapsulated and shared with the rest of the world. This time we only spent one of the 4 days we had in Paris (not including travelling days) in Disneyland but it was still so lovely and I enjoyed it all the same.

paris 01_effected

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In Disneyland, there are different areas to the park; Main Street USA, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Adventureland, and Discoveryland. We took the train to Fantasyland, the cutest little fairytale-esque town that is surrounded by different shades of pastel. As with everything in Disney, there are queues, so we decided, seeing as we only had one day, to do the rides that we really couldn't leave without going on.

paris 13_effected

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My mum's first choice for the rides was 'it's a small world' - a ride which I could do without but nonetheless I wanted to please my mum as we went around the little ride in a boat to the chorus of the song that goes with the ride.

paris 17_effected

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Walking around we found a lady selling candy floss so obviously we had to get one (what diet?). As you can see, it was huuuuge, but so delicious and probably a one time thing.

paris 23_effected

paris 25_effected

My favourite type of rides are the thrill rides, so Space Mountain, Indiana Jones and the temple of doom, and Big Thunder Mountain were at the top of my list.

paris 24_effected

paris 26 + 27

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We stayed until shutting for the beautiful firework and light show that was going on for the extended 20th anniversary party. Among the crowds, some cast members were walking around with a trolley filled with the light ears that synchronised with the display but at 20 something euros each it wasn't an expense that I was willing to fork out.

paris 31_effected

paris 32_effected

All in all we had a magical stay and the beautiful light show that went on was simply the perfect end to a great day.

The perfect soundtrack to a wonderful day.

Nat xx


  1. I am so jealous! These are gorgeous photos, looks like you had a wonderful time xo

    1. If you ever get the chance you have to go! Thank you! Yes it was so lovely :)

  2. OH I love disney <3 pastel coloured everything! I haven't been in ages.

    1. Aren't pastels just great :) It's such a wonderful place xx

  3. I love disney!! I've never been to the Paris one but the one in Orlando is oh so amazing. I would love to go again.

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


    1. I know isn't it just! I went to the orlando one around 3 or 4 years ago and I cried hahaha

      The one in Paris is just so great for a little bit of disney and the culture of Paris is so perfect


  4. gorgeous pictures (loved your shorts too!) makes me want to be a kid again so i can justify spending all day watching disney movies and eating sweets!

    rebekah emilia xxx

  5. wowww,i always wanted to go there **