Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Olympic Fever

In 10 days I will be journeying down to the capital to kickstart the Olympic madness. My family managed to get a fair few tickets to the games, thanks to my Mum's boyfriend being extremely generous. Fortunately, he lives in London so that made it more accessible for us to attend the olympic games.
I'm really excited to go, it's an experience of a lifetime. There is a lot of hype over the olympics and alongside the hype there's the complaints.
People moaning about the fact that the olympics are overrated and ridiculously popular. I know of a fair few people that have decided to travel away from London just because of the Olympics, which is understandable, as the crowds will be ghastly.
Due to the amount of people going to the Olympics, there have been numerous terror threats planned for the big events. Luckily, many terrorists have been apprehended but there is always the fear that there is an unknown scheme that will take place.
If surviving the crowds and terror threats isn't enough to deal with, when you get there you're surely to be hassled by an unscrupulous amount of pickpockets that intent to help themselves to a large amount of your possessions.
Also, if the amount of money you paid for the tickets aren't enough, the corporations intend to charge you extortionate amounts for basic need like food and water, much like going onto an aeroplane. You are denied the right to take in your own bottles all in the name of safety.
Now that the army have become involved, you can be sure that your life is supposedly safe behind the soldiers with guns, as long as you're doing what they want.
Is the experience worth the hassle?
No pain no gain seems to be the motto here.

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