Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Hyped Products

Reading blogs and watching youtube beauty videos, over time I've taken note of a few products that have been hyped about. I decided to try 3 of the most popular products that are in my price range.

This brush has been so popular, and for good reason. The brush is so soft and thick. However, I have to say that it seems to be too large to be a blusher brush, where you only want to apply a small amount of product to a small area, I have decided to use it for bronzer or finishing powder, depending on the occasion. Using it for bronzer is much better as it spreads the product evenly over your cheeks and cheek bones resulting in an even glow.

This blusher gives a really natural finish to the skin, yet you can build up the colour if you prefer that look. The price of this product does not reflect on the quality, I am so surprised at the soft velvet like feel. It's a small product which is perfect for the makeup bag. I can see why this blush has been raved about as it's one of the best blushers I have tried and the price is the best bit about it!

£5.99 at Boots 
I love red lipsticks, I tried the revlon lip butters I fell in love with revlon.
When I saw Essie review them I knew I had to try them because she spoke so highly of them.
The idea is to have a lip stain and a balm incorporated into a stick, just like the chubby stick from Clinique which are more expensive at £16.00. I am so impressed with this product, it is so pretty. I opted for the shade Romantic, which is a light orangey red. The colour starts very sheer and you can keep building up the colour to create a bold red.
The staying power is brilliant, and it stays even after food. If you're not a fan of mint I wouldn't buy this lip balm as it has a minty scent which I think is really fresh and bright although I know of a few people that don't like it.

Hope you've found this useful.
Nat xxx

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