Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Surprising Reads

Seeing as all my recent blog posts have all been material related, I've decided to write a long blog post, and whether you read it or not is up to you.
As I'm now on summer break, I've been doing hardly any school work. This has given me plenty time to read books. After reading some classics for english literature such as Frankenstein and Wuthering Heights I decided to read an easy read.
Scowering through my bookcase I found the vampire diaries series that I bought a few years ago when I used to like twilight etc (how embarrassing). Anyway, there is no denying that I hate all of these soppy romantic novels that idolise the dangerous supernatural.
So I thought, I can't sell the books without reading them, and here I am, reading a book about vampires, witches, druids, and teenage problems. I must say though I am hooked, it is much darker and deeper than twilight. The book does loosely follow the story line of the tv series but you get to know the characters better, as you can see exactly what they are thinking about, as opposed to deciphering what is meant through their actions.
The character of Elena is very different to the tv character. She is much more like Catherine, feisty, sassy, flirty, and confident. Whereas Catherine is depicted much to be like Elena, fragile and delicate, like a flower.
Like all book to tv or book to film recreations, there are characters that you wouldn't be familiar with if you watch it on television.
Surprisingly, this book is quite a good read and if you have spare time, I would definitely recommend you read this, but only if you have nothing else for read.

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  1. I've followed the Vampire Diaries on TV - it's my guilty pleasure!!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo