Saturday, 21 July 2012


Untitled #10

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1 Mini Roller Hat
Love love love. Classic, sophisticated piece of headgear. I chose the khaki green by mistake, but I actually prefer it to the black, it's a bit subtler and goes nicely with any hair colour.

2 Lionhead Lace Top by Sister Jane
A good all rounder. Another one of these chain linked collar shirts, I'm sorry! I just love them, there's something about the look that I can't get away from. I'm sure there will be cheaper alternatives arriving on the market soon enough, £52.00 is a hefty sum.

3 Thin Spike Stretch
Rose gold and spikes, what more could I want?! This bracelet is very 'me' and it's very high up on my to-buy list. All I'm concerned about are the spikes catching or stabbing me.

4 Spike Chain Drape Ring Set
These have been very popular lately, I like this particular one as the rings aren't attached to each other so you can separate your fingers. The rings that are joined make me feel so restricted.

5 MAYBE Patent T-Bar Shoes
These shoes are SO sweet! They remind me of a pair I used to own as a child. I love them, and they would go perfectly with a pair of white frilly ankle socks to complete the cutesy, girly look.

6 Ear Spike Chain Earrings
Do you sense a theme here? 

7 Red Ribbed Pleated Skirt
Red is my favourite colour and I think this just pulls the whole outfit together. A bright colour is great with monotones.

Thursday, 19 July 2012


I've been browsing for home items to redecorate my room at my dad's house and I have seriously been lusting over the bedsheets at urban outfitters. For some reason I was on the US website so all the prices are in dollars, sorry.
Untitled #9

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1 Floral Medallion Duvet Cover
$79.00 - $99.00
What more can I say than I love the print. The colours are very subtle and seem like they would be easy to sleep with.

2 Sateen Sheet Set
$59.00 - $79.00
This is very good value for a set and is available in grey, white, tan, green, and blue.
Very simplistic which I love. Even if I ended up having to move it would go with any room.

3 Plum & Bow Damask Duvet Cover
$79.00 - $89.00
The pattern is available in blue, grey, and chocolate brown.
Love, love, love this print. It would brighten up a monotone room.

4 Vine Flower Duvet Cover 
$79.00 - $89.00
This is very sweet. I like the grey but I think I'd need more colour in my room.

5 Paper Medallion Duvet Cover
$79.00 - $89.00
Also available in a neutral for the subtler look.
This is so bright! I love it! Although I think I'd come to hate it after a few years, it's quite a childish cover.

6 Paisley Medallion Duvet Cover 
$69.00 - $79.00
So pretty, I think I'd be quite hypnotised by the print, though, it's quite distracting.

7 Ikat Stripe Duvet Cover
$89.00 $49.99
I like this, it fits with the navajo/aztec trend from last year but I've always been interested in the mayan/incan/aztec cultures because it is just really interesting.

8 Kaleidoscope Burst Percale Cotton Duvet Cover
$79.00 - $89.00
This is a duvet cover perfect for teens. It's so youthful and pretty and bright. Just what a teen would want in their room.

Trend Alert - Collar Necklaces

Untitled #8

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Brace yourselves, this is going to be a long one.

For a while now I've been noticing a new trend emerging in the high street.
Collars are becoming more fashionable, and now there is such a wide variety. These are only a few taken from the Topshop website.

1 Spike End Collar Necklace

Costing £20.00, this particular collar is mid-range price for the necklaces shown above. Black leather fabric with gold studded tips adds an edge to a simple outfit. I love this particular necklace, you know me, I love my studs.

2 Bead and Pearl Collar Necklace

More of a feminine look and being one of the cheaper options of the bunch at £16.50. The beaded detail is a pretty addition to the fabric necklace, and would make any ensemble look sophisticated. 

3 Laser Cut Collar

Cutesy and girly, this collar seems perfect for the girl who loves pink. A bit of punk edge is added by the stud detailing. This isn't one of my favourites but would suit a girly girl perfectly. Another one of the cheaper options at the price of £16.00.

4 Premium Stone Necklace

I love this necklace. It is so extravagant and beautiful. It seems better than something sold in a high street store, with more than high street price tag £50.00.

5 Crackle Bead Collar

The colour of this necklace is divine, I am in love with turquoise beads. This necklace would look great with a strapless dress/top. Turquoise would look great for a pop of colour to a monotone outfit. £25.00 for real turquoise beads is quite a good price.

6 Pearl Peter Pan Collar

A sweet addition to any jewellery collection. Pearls always add class to an outfit, and this necklace is full of them, they are just plastic but who cares? I wouldn't expect a real pearl necklace to cost £14.00.

7 Peter Pan Necklace

This silver peter pan necklace is something I've had my eye on for a while now. Since purchasing the circular metal choker I've fallen in love with metal necklaces and I have no idea why. I'd really like this necklace in gold rather than silver, but I think the gold could be a bit garish. This necklace costs £18.50.

8 Gem Peter Pan Necklace

At a hefty £45.00 this necklace doesn't come cheap but the rainbow effect glass is a really nice touch.I can imagine just how pretty this would look when the light hits it the right way.

9 Chunky Chain Cape Necklace

This is definitely a piece of statement jewellery. You can't wear this half heartedly. A black collar dress would make a great companion to the £20.00 necklace. This is definitely not necklace to wear daily.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream

Upon receiving this product with my subscription to GLAMOUR magazine I was immediately disappointed. As I haven't had the chance to choose what product I want to buy I felt disheartened when I saw they sent me an eye cream.
I relate eye creams to more mature skin, and since I'm only 17, I doubted the usefulness of this product for me. So I offered it to my mum thinking that she might like to try it, but she didn't want it so I was stuck with it.
It smells really good though, like lemon and subtle hints of lavender. I think the smell convinced me to try it more.
I've been using this at night before I go to sleep so it can sink into my skin. Honestly I don't see any difference at all and I've been using this product for about 2 weeks. I wouldn't repurchase this full size, would be a bit of a waste of money for me to be totally honest with you.


Untitled #9

Ever since MAC have been outed for testing on animals I've been reluctant to even enter the store (or stand as the nearest MAC to me is in Harvey Nichols Leeds). I do not condone in the least testing on animals, but regardless I do have a browse on the MAC website. Over time I've really been eyeing these 4 colours. Recently MAC have raised their prices to £14.00!

1 Snob
"A ladylike mauve"
This shade is so pretty, it's a 'my lips, but better' shade. Delicate and feminine, an easy everyday lippy.

"Fabulous fuchsia"
A bold choice, definitely not for the faint hearted. A nice one for a day to night look. I am definitely a person that loves to wear bold lips in the day.

"Bright yellow pink"
A very neon shade, more suitable for tanned skin but I love it all the same.

Unfortunately MAC don't sell this anymore which is such a shame. I've linked it onto a seller on eBay but it's more expensive than MAC so only if I was desperate.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Untitled #8

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I love high waisted trousers. They give a nice silhouette and go nicely with baggy tops. I would say the white isn't the best for those of us that are plus sized, maybe a black would be the better option. At £40.00 they make a good staple addition to any wardrobe, and they would definitely be used well.

Topshop shoes are not the most comfortable shoes I have ever bought, but I must say that the pale pink studded slippers have been a treat to walk in. I wouldn't hesitate to repurchase in another colour. £28.00 is ok but I have a feeling they will be on the christmas sale. I have my eyes on the red edition being my favourite colour, how could I pass?

When I saw this t-shirt the first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful print. It is so eye-catching and so luxurious. I love the cut of the t-shirt, as it looks great tucked in or on show. I definitely favour the baggy tops as they hide all the lumps and bumps that you don't particularly want on show. Coming in at £22.00 it is a bit much for a t-shirt but I might have to splash out.

The leather jacket seems to be a staple item in may peoples wardrobes, and they always seem to add an extra something to a simple outfit. I particularly like this jacket because of the studs (can you tell I like that trend?) and I feel I could make good use of this item. £65.00 isn't too bad for a leather jacket.

These 3 bracelets are so charming and add small details to an outfit if you're struggling with what to add. I don't usually wear bracelets apart from my leeds festival band and a friendship bracelet. I am a sucker for cute little accessories and little inspirational messages so this is perfect. Costing £10.00 I think I'll wait to the sales.


Untitled #7

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These have been on my wish list for such a long time. The well loved disco pants are some of the most popular leggings/trousers of 2011/12. They are miracle workers, they suck you in and make you look bootylicious. Glamourous have a dupe but unfortunately they advise to buy a size bigger and don't sell my size!. However, I doubt these will become a new addition to my wardrobe anytime soon, at £70.00 it isn't exactly pocket change.
This blouse is part of the designer collections at Topshop. I adore the chain detail on the collar, with a small skull connecting the chain to the collar. The fabric is 100% polyester which is a tricky material to iron. I think the shirt is versatile and can be worn with a lot of things. It seems I have expensive taste as this shirt costs £52.00 eek.
Another popular choice, the Jeffrey Campbells are so sought after. I do really like them, I'm not 100% sure what I would  wear it with in the current state of my wardrobe. But, being said they would be a reaaaaally nice present.
I love this clutch, it's very simple and possible to combine with many things. £32.00 is a bit much, but being real suede  it could be more expensive. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Browsing through the illamasqua collections on the website, I found The Naked Strangers Collection.
The look is very heavy and not for the faint hearted, as most illamasqua collection shots are.

The focus of the images are metallics, and the statement sheath of gold running from the forehead into the hair has the vibe of an alien. The contours are so beautiful, her cheekbones look so flawless. I love the heavy eye makeup, although I doubt that I would wear it on a regular basis.

The model looks so ethereal in this image and I especially love the nails. The look of 'claw-like' nails are very popular at the moment in the world of beauty and very popular on youtube. I'd love to do a wearable look based on these images, as gold is a workable colour that adds a sun kissed look to any skin tone.

Nat xxx
Looking beautiful as always, Lana Del Rey has modelled for H&M.
The clothing range will embody femininity, whereas the accessories will be in a wine red.

Lana seems to be the perfect choice for the clothing as judging from the images, the clothing is feminine yet edgy, which I love.

Nat xxx

images taken from

Olympic Fever

In 10 days I will be journeying down to the capital to kickstart the Olympic madness. My family managed to get a fair few tickets to the games, thanks to my Mum's boyfriend being extremely generous. Fortunately, he lives in London so that made it more accessible for us to attend the olympic games.
I'm really excited to go, it's an experience of a lifetime. There is a lot of hype over the olympics and alongside the hype there's the complaints.
People moaning about the fact that the olympics are overrated and ridiculously popular. I know of a fair few people that have decided to travel away from London just because of the Olympics, which is understandable, as the crowds will be ghastly.
Due to the amount of people going to the Olympics, there have been numerous terror threats planned for the big events. Luckily, many terrorists have been apprehended but there is always the fear that there is an unknown scheme that will take place.
If surviving the crowds and terror threats isn't enough to deal with, when you get there you're surely to be hassled by an unscrupulous amount of pickpockets that intent to help themselves to a large amount of your possessions.
Also, if the amount of money you paid for the tickets aren't enough, the corporations intend to charge you extortionate amounts for basic need like food and water, much like going onto an aeroplane. You are denied the right to take in your own bottles all in the name of safety.
Now that the army have become involved, you can be sure that your life is supposedly safe behind the soldiers with guns, as long as you're doing what they want.
Is the experience worth the hassle?
No pain no gain seems to be the motto here.

Monday, 16 July 2012

What is beauty?
According to absolutists, beauty is symmetry. In a relativist's eye, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Some say beauty is pain, but I don't agree with that theory. No, to me beauty is happiness. 
Even a smile can brighten someone's day. 
I've decided to make a pact with myself, to smile at a stranger at least once a day, even if they don't smile back.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Recently, my school took me to Paris for an art trip. The purpose of the whole trip was to look at art galleries and broaden our understanding of art history.
Wandering through the Louvre and Musee D'Orsay, I realised, stereotypical fine art is not what I enjoy, the innovative designs that lay in the Pompadou are what caught my eye. From a young age, I've always been interested in art that makes you stand and really look deep into the piece.
For example, this image by Jorg Immendorf evokes thoughts into what he wanted to portray. The title of the painting, I presume, is The Wood Of The World, as it is written in french (La foret du monde). 
What do you see when you look at this? Do you just see a mirror laying in a forest, or do you see something deeper, further than the external image? Look closely at the image reflected in the mirror and you see a different scene altogether. It's up to you what you make of it, i'm sure the artist has their own idea of what they want you to see, but create your own opinion.