Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Twenty Random Facts About Me

me 1_effected

1 - I love Art, I love to create Art but also love visiting galleries 

2 - My parents aren't British. My dad is South African and my mum is Venezuelan. 

3 - I'm able to speak spanish as a second language, but from the ages of 7 - 10ish I didn't want to speak it because I was afraid that I would say something wrong.

4 - I love dark chocolate

5 - When I was about 13 to 15 I went through that Emo phase of dying my hair dark and buying loads of dark clothes.

6 - I love to sing, if I had the drive I would love to become a singer - I'd say my style is like Colbie Caillat, but don't quote me on that

7 - My hair was dead straight until I turned 12, then it became a frizzy, curly mess (not like in the picture above)

8 - I get terrible migraines on almost a daily basis which causes me to miss a lot of school, but I still manage to get A's and B's (and E's but we won't talk about them)

9 - I'd be perfectly happy spending time watching a film but I also love to go out to new places

10 - I've been compared to Beyoncé and Demi Lovato but I don't see it. ha as if!

11 - I was a dancer, from the age of 2 I did ballet, tap and modern but picked up freestyle later on.

12 - Rosy scents are my favourite

13 - I like to read and write - hey primary school served me well!

14 - According to my mum, when I was a baby I was nearly stolen in South Africa - obviously he wasn't successful.

15 - I want to live in as many places as I can, but ultimately I'd love to live in Paris.

16 - I've tried to learn to play the guitar, the keyboard, the flute and now I'm onto the ukulele - I could be a one woman band, all I need is to learn the drums and I'm set haha!

17 - I love to cook

18 - I hate texting, I'm so bad at replying to texts I get.

19 - In year 5 I literally grasped maths overnight - I went from being in the bottom set to top set.

20 - I couldn't ride a bike until I was 12 and my best friend taught me how.

Hope you enjoyed reading a bit about me and I hope to read some of yours!
Love Nat xx

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