Monday, 3 June 2013

It's been a while

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Topshop buys // On my to-read list // Love the longer nights

june 4 june 5 june 6

I've been reading Looking for Alaska, it's amazing! // Found this hilarious // Neon nail varnish is cute

june 7 june 8 june 9

Me n my bestie having a laugh at the photobooth effects // Doodlin' // Visited Trinity Leeds after watching The Great Gatsby and we got a ... fragrant cocktail

june 10 june 11 june 12

trying my hand at illustration // Coming to the end of year 13 means DEADLINES!! // Carrie Bradshaw is my favourite - so relatable.

june 13 june 14 june 15

absolutely love these fridge magnets from Barcelona - exciting, I know // My A2 Coursework final piece on Identity // My best friend and I journeyed to the lakes and we made it to the top of Coniston Old Man.

june 16 june 17 june 18

We stumbled upon this paradisal place on the descent of the 'big hill' // A cute visit to Beatrix Potter's House - Hill Top // The cute little fluffball that is Ernie, my bestie's dog.

june 19 june 20 june 21

Revision getting tiring so I decided to watch Ponyo instead // Ooo a lovely bath // Anything to avert revision

june 22 june 23 june 24

I bought some Dim Sum from M&S // And it was yummy // The summery weather is making us happy and my mum and I decided to have a picnic on the Stray

I'm sorry for the absence but y'know, exam season and all. I just wanted to update ya on my life which we all know is so interesting and fabulous (a girl can dream). So a few things have happened, I've finished high school forever (until I have to go back for my final exams), I celebrated the end of school by going out for drinks at Wetherspoons with people from my school and got merry to say the least. It's so strange how even on the last day of school I was meeting new people from school. I've also met a few more new people outside of school and feel like I'm generally growing up more (ugh cliché).

So if you're really interested in hearing more from me you can find me on twitter, tumblr, and instagram.
Love ya'll lots!
Nat xx


  1. 'I'd shave my legs for you'...hahahahahahahahaha

    I'm gonna follow you :)

    1. it's hilarious isn't it! :) Ok I'm doing the same :) x