Wednesday, 24 April 2013

B*tch Please - Wishlist

B*tch Please

Jacket, Jeans, Necklace, Nail Varnish, Cropped Tee - Topshop // Tote - Zara // Dr Martens - Dr Martens

Just a little wishlist set that I've put together.
I've been desperate for a pair of good Dr Martens, I just think they add an edge to any sophisticated outfit and make it grungy (if you class that as a word...) I went for the coat and bag because they are quite clean cut which I can mix and match with other garments to create a different look.
A huge trend last season was 'mom jeans', I personally love it because I always go for high-waisted anything - longer legs and slimmer looking waist, what's not to love? The colour of these are perfect, can I just have them already?! I stuck to my go-to shop; Topshop. I mean, it's just so much easier than searching for hours on other websites for something that you're not sure will look right and just cause a problem rather than making you happy.
I'm thinking a big trend is jungle, not animal prints but an ethnic/jungle inspired theme running throughout the wardrobe. Personally, I'm ever-changing with my style, I can decide to change my style each day, I never really wear one specific 'genre' of clothing...

Anyway a definite wishlist for me, now if I could gather the funds this would all be miiiiinneeee.
Just trying to remember that material items aren't everything, it's very difficult when they're so pleasing.
Ugh :/

Hope you're having a good day!
Nat xxx


  1. I want some Docs too, I'm stuck between black and cherry! I love the jeans and crop top too!
    Megan xxx

    1. definitely go for black for your first pair, then cherry if you can later :D

  2. I have the Mom jeans in that exact colour and I looovvveeee them, they go with everything! This would make an amazing outfit too x

  3. LOVE those jeans soo much xo

  4. Great picks - love the bag and polish :)

  5. Lovely wishlist!

    Also thanks for introducing me to Metronomy - they have a song with my name I am really excited about this!

    Corinne x

    1. Haha as soon as I saw that you had commented the song came into my head! :p hope you like themt

  6. Cute wishlist, love all of the clothes!

  7. i have the jeans! love them xx

  8. The whole set is styled together so well! I have always wanted a pair of Doc's just never know if I could pull them off xx