Wednesday, 27 February 2013

When In Duty Free...



I recently went on a trip to Barcelona and while I was there I splashed some of my cash, whoops! :s 

Firstly, at kings cross station I went to the new Harry Potter shop and bought a T-Shirt but it's in the wash and I'm a little embarrassed hehe. Next door there's a fancy book shop and being the book worm that I am, I had to go in. Originally I was looking for An Abundance of Katherines by John Green because I wanted to read more of his work, but this book Why We Broke Up was next to it in the shelf. With a little flick through, I immediately wanted to purchase it. Such beautiful illustrations are splashed throughout the book pertaining to each chapter and each reason as to why this couple broke up. I'll do a review as soon as I finish it. 

When I arrived at Heathrow, I was really looking forward to checking out Terminal 5's Duty Free. I wasn't let down, it's like a bloomin' shopping centre in there! They even have an Art Gallery. I sped over to the beauty section where I browsed the makeup and cosmetics area which was huge. I have mentioned before that I love Stella by Stella McCartney and it was being sold at £53.00! RRP £63.00 that's a huge difference! It was a sign that it was meant for me. While I was there I also spotted this lovely shade from O.P.I called Tickle My France-y at around £9.00 which was a good deal considering it's sold at £11.00 on the website.

In Barcelona, there's a Sephora. Whenever I hear the words Sephora I always feel happy because there are none in the UK and they have their own brand of makeup. Well I went in thinking I would find some of Sephora's own makeup but what did I buy? NARS and Urban Decay. Typical. 

Let me know if you have tried any of the products or read the book,
I'd love to hear what you think! 
Love, Nat xxx


  1. I never really feel like duty free is actually tha tmuch cheaper (or cheaper at all) because even though it doesn't have taxes they have to amp up the prices to pay airport rent. No?

  2. Good old duty free! haha. These purchases look perfect, i've just rekindled my love for my laguna bronzer!
    Loveyouuu X

  3. I've read Why We Broke Up and it is so good, seriously beautiful and amazing. -_-