Sunday, 9 September 2012

a spending spree that should never have happened

Through having a job, I have now been able to buy things, hooray! Before, I was very much reliant on my mum to buy me anything I needed if it was within a certain price limit. I am a frugal person but I know that when I see something I like, I can be very persuasive with myself.
So here are the results of the latest damage. I hope you find this remotely interesting.

White Shirt

Black Cable Knit Sweater

Chain Collar Tips

White Blouse

Floral Crop Top

Silky Blue Shirt

I love the collar tips, although ridiculously overpriced, they are a must-have in a winter wardrobe. Changing any outfit from average to innovative. My mum loaned me her cowboy style collar tips from her youth and I find they add an essence of style to any outfit incorporating a shirt. These particular collar tips are brilliant as they interchange easily although being a pin, they do leave a lovely little hole in the collar. If you're willing to put up with that then these are great and I would definitely recommend them, but if not, then stick to screw on tips or a short necklace.

Hope you're well
Nat x

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